Meet Dr. Arrington

Dr. Annette Arrington

Hello! My name is Dr. Annette Arrington.  As President and founder of Step Toward Success Coaching Services, I would like to welcome you to my site.  I am delighted to be in the ranks of those who are helping others reach their truest value and potential.  It is a joy to know that others are striving to make a difference, in and for their lives.  

Who Am I?

I am a Minister, a Counselor, Therapist, Chaplain, and a Coach. I currently hold a PhD in Philosophy with emphasis on Destiny and Human Potential Coaching and a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and Administration as well as a degree in Supervision and Behavioral Sciences.

I am a Board Certified Christian Counselor and Therapist  through Georgia Christian Counselor Association (GCCA). I am a Licensed Chaplain,  Professional Membership through American Chaplaincy Association (ACA) I hold Coaching Certifications through Life Changing University, Jacksonville, FL.  I am also a licensed and ordained Minister.

I have 25 plus years in corporate Administration and Communications  and 15+ years in Church Administration.

I am here to help YOU Step Toward Success.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep You,

Dr. Annette M. Arrington, Ph.D., PCC, CAC, CPC

You can listen to Annette on:

True Life Ministries, Inc. Presents: Power & Glory Morning Intercession
Thursday morning @ 6:00 A.M.
Phone Number: (724)-444-7444
Call ID: 135701 the 1#
This program features Words of Wisdom  through Naomi’s Word with prayer following.
Naomi’s Word/Message is inspired through Elder.Dr. Annette Arrington

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